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About Us

Swifty. Powering a Healthy Life
The Swifty bike range has been developed by a UK team of experts and has been produced by one of the world’s leading edge factories. Our team has over 10 years of electric bike experience, creating brands and products for thousands of different consumer’s needs. We are constantly developing new ideas and features that make riding E-Bikes suitable for the future of transportation.
Swifty Electric bikes give you Freedom to explore the towns and country,either as a weekend warrior or urban commuter. Swifty offers you a range of Electrically assisted bikes to suit various budgets and needs. Whether youare looking for a Hybrid, a folder or a Mountain bike, Swifty has the bikefor you in our line-up. Each model has been designed with the rider in mind, which means the frameshave the correct geometry and components that are correct for the bikes usage.

Swifty bikes use some of the world’s best components, including Shimano, CST and Kenda tires. Along with Zoom and Promax for suspension and brakes. Our electrical systems use both LG or Panasonic cells, so reliability is built in.


All Swifty bikes are backed up by warranties and we have a team of advisors working 9-5 weekdays to support riders. You can always know we are there to help you.

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