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Swifty Electric bikes give you Freedom to explore the towns and country, either as a weekend warrior or urban commuter.

Swifty offers you a range of quality Electric bikes to suit various budgets and needs. Whether you are looking for a Hybrid, a folder or a Mountain bike, Swifty has the bike for you in our line-up. 
Each model has been designed with the rider in mind, which means the frames have the correct geometry and components that are correct for the bikes usage.


Powering a healthy life

According to a study of scientists at Switzerland's University of Basel, riding an E-bike is just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness. Although cycling with an E-bike is pedal assisted, it's still an exercise after all and therefore good for your health, both mentally and physically.

E-bikes can assist you to conquer hills and inclines, so you don't have to worry about any challenging terrain. People of all ages and health can ride flawlessly and for much longer with an E-bike.

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